It’s been a week and Chris still hasn’t talked to me since I told him we should forget the kiss. I haven’t tried to contact him and he hasn’t tried to contact me. Whenever I see him at school he’s with some random girl. A new girl everyday. I play it off well, but I do wish we…

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babygyrl11 said: I like this but I hope Jordyn believe Chris when he tells her everything

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The Black Dagger Brother Hood :



Chapter 19 - Bad Solution



I was in the kitchen with Jordyn when my phone rang. It was Trey. I walked into the other room, already knowing what this call was about.

Let me explain what this “situation” is. Karreuche has pictures and recording of old phone calls between us that she’s trying to blackmail me with. She’s threatening to send them to Jordyn and say they were from recently so that Jordyn will leave me. She knows Jordyn will probably believe that I’m cheating on her. The only way she won’t send them, is if I break up with Jordyn for her. That’s not happening.

I answer the phone and Trey sounds tired.

Phone Call:

Me: “Whassup now”
Trey: “Kae said you have three days”
Me: “Ugh”
Trey: “Are these pictures and shit recent? Did you cheat on Jordyn again?”
Me: “No. I didn’t”
Trey: “So let Kae send the stuff and just tell Jordyn that you didn’t cheat. Explain what Karrueche’s tryna do”
Me: “She’s not gonna believe me!”
Trey: “I forgot to tell you. Kae wants you to come see her about this”
Me: “No”
Trey: “You can handle this in person”
Me: “I’m not gonna go see her”
Trey: “I think you should”
Me: “Fine, but one of you niggas is coming with me”
Trey: “Why can’t you go by yourself?”
Me: “Cause I’m mad as fuck and I’m not tryna fuck her up!”
Trey: “You might fuck her up over your relationship?”
Me: “Yeah! Shit’s going good right now”
Trey: “Aight, I’ll come with you. When are you gonna go?”
Me: “Soon”
Trey: “How bout we just go to her house now?”
Me: “Aight, I’m leaving now”

I walked into the kitchen and told Jordyn I was leaving. I let her know I was going to take care of something and I drove off.

I pulled up to Karrueche’s house and Trey and I got out. I had picked him up on the way here. We walked to door and I rang the doorbell. *Ding Dong*. A few seconds later the door opened. Karrueche stood there looking shocked.

"Don’t look so shocked," I said as I rudely pushed past her and into the house.
“Well hello to you too Chris. Hi Trey. Why don’t you guys sit down. Do you want something to drink?”, she asked.
“Nah we’re not staying long,” I said.
“Oh. So what made you guys come by today?”
“Don’t play dumb Kae. You wanted me to come and so I know you know exactly why the fuck I’m here”
 “Look. You and I? We’re done. Over. Get that through your fucking head. Black mailing me is never gonna get us together. You look thirsty as fuck and I don’t deal with thirsty bitches,” I said angrily.
“Chris… you and I are meant to be together,” she said as she walked towards me.
 “No we’re not. Stay over there, don’t come to me. Delete them old ass pictures and recordings Kae. I’m not playing with you”
“And if I dont?”, she asked.

I clenched my jaw. I could feel myself getting more and more angry.

"Delete the muthafuckin’ pictures before you make me do something that imma regret," I said through clenched teeth.
“Chris, calm down my nigga,” Trey said.
 “Yeah, listen to your friend Chris. I’m not deleting shit! How would sweet lil Momma J feel knowing you’re threatening me? Call up your bitch of a girlfriend and beg for her forgiveness ‘cause she’s gonna leave you for good when I’m done”

This lil bitch crossed the line. Don’t ever bring my momma up. Before I could even think, I had Karrueche up against the wall with my hands around her throat.



Everything happened so fast that I barely knew what was going on at first. One moment I was standing a few feet away from Chris and the next, he was right up against me and my back was against the wall. This would’ve all been nice if his hands weren’t around my neck.

That’s when I snapped back to reality. He was choking me! Chris was actually choking me! I grabbed at his hands and tried to pull them off of my neck. Of course that didn’t work because he’s so much stronger than me.

"I’m tired of you getting in the way of my relationship with Jordyn! Stupid bitch, I wish you’d get the fuck outta my life! Disappear bitch! I’m sick of your shit! I can’t believe I ever thought I loved your hoe ass. There was no love Kae! I didn’t love YOU, I loved the way you sucked my dick you dumb bitch. But your head game was all you were good for. Your dumb ass didn’t cook or clean shit! And you in bed?! Don’t get me started. That’s why I always fucked other bitches when we were together. Other than the head, sex with you was whack as fuck!", he yelled.

As he was yelling at me, Trey was yelling at him to stop and he was trying to pull Chris off of me. I felt myself getting lightheaded and I felt weak. I was trying to breath but it was impossible. Trey finally managed to get Chris off of me. I dropped to the floor instantly, gasping for air. Tears were streaming rapidly down my face.

"Get your fucking hands off me Trey. I’m done with this bitch," Chris said.

Before he started to leave, he turned around and spat on me. He actually spat on me! Why is Chris treating me like this? He’s treating me like I’m worthless and I dont mean anything to him.

"I hope I never see you again," he said before storming off.

Before he went out the door, Chris yelled “FUCK!” and punched a hole in my wall.

I stayed on the floor crying. I was crying because I was angry that Chris could go from loving me to choking me because of some bitch. I was going to get revenge on both of them. I don’t care if takes me years.



As I started to leave Karrueche’s house, reality set in. I just choked her. What the fuck did I do?! It’s like I blacked out while I did it. If Trey wasn’t there… I don’t even wanna know what might have happened. I better hope she doesnt call the police!

"FUCK!", I yelled as i punched the wall.

I walked out the house and towards my car.

"Nah Chris. You’re not driving," said Trey.

I usually never let anyone drive my Lambo. But, I’ll make an exception because it’s probably not safe for me to drive. I looked at him for a second before tossing him my keys and getting in the passenger side.



I sat watching TV as Chris stormed into the house looking enraged. I’ve never seen Chris this angry before. He didn’t say a word to me as he went to the basement. Trey walked in looking worried after. What was Trey doing here?

"Hey Jordyn," he greeted me.
“Hi Trey. What’s wrong with Chris?”, I asked.
“I’m not saying anything. You gotta talk to Chris. Let him tell you,” he replied.

I went back to watching TV when my phone rang. It was an unknown number.

*Phone Call*

Me: “Hello?”
Person: “Hello, Jordyn?”
Me: “Yes, who is this?”
Person: “Hi, I’m Nastasia’s friend Heather”
Me: “Oh hi Heather. Nastasia told me I should meet you”
Heather: “Yeah, she told me you’re cool. Anyways, I’m not doing anything today, do you wanna go to lunch and go shopping?”
Me: “Sure”
Heather: “Aight, text me your address. I’m coming to pick you up in an hour”

I hung up and texted her the address. Trey can deal with Chris right now. I’ll handle him when I get home.



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missjayalex said: jordyn has a right to be mad caz Chris is not tell her what going on and where her key at

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Anonymous said: jordyn was upset for nothing.. it's not that serious. I wanna know what this situation is that chris has to deal with

She was .. but remember, she’s pregnant. & you’ll find out in the next chapter


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